Daily Schedule

Each three hour day at Applegate includes two blocks of child-selected activity time, separated by a teacher-directed story and snack time. During activity time children have the choice of where they want to play and who they want to play with. We have teacher-planned activities offered every day as well as many play areas and toys to choose from. Activities for each week are organized around a theme of interest to young children. A schedule of activities is included in the weekly newsletter.

Our classroom is divided into several interest areas: art, books, blocks, housekeeping, manipulative toys, drawing & puzzle table, dress-up and areas for floor toys. We also have a large park-like yard with space to run, climb on play structures, play in the sand box and ride bikes.

Midway through each program we have story time and snack. For this part of the day children meet in small groups of 6-8 other children of similar age. Each teacher plans and leads small group activities based on the developmental needs and interests of the children in that group. Group/snack time is followed by another block of activity time. Throughout the day and in all the activities, teachers facilitate social interactions and help the children learn cooperative problem solving.

At the end of the program, children divide into two groups for circle time. This is a time for stories, singing and coming together again at the end of the day.